Wood Sign Projects  $40-$65

Join us for wood crafts on Saturday mornings! We’ll play with nail art, paints, other DIY techniques to create the perfect gift or home decor piece.  Price may vary depending on the project.

Open Studio $30

Two hours of studio time and all material included (one 16X20 canvas, acrylic paints, apron, & brushes).  Come in, unwind and get creative!

Gift Cards $35 & $70

Our Digital Gift Cards are a great way to give someone the gift of a Paint & Sip or DIY Board class. You decide when the email with the gift certificate should be sent and upon receipt, the receiver chooses which class they would like to do.  It's that easy! 

Paint & Sip  $35

Guided paint experience on a 16X20 canvas, with all materials

included apron, pants, brushes, and an artist). Enjoy a glass of wine

or a craft beer while you indulge your creative side!

Solo Art $25

Independent art journey using templates and artist instructions to

create your masterpiece through a self-guided experience on

a 12X12 canvas.

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