Bryan & Roxanna Haynes are the owners of Bottle & Brush Art Bar.  Bryan is an artist, specializing in the genre of surreal art.  The past few years have kept him busy with commissioned artwork on pets, portraits, babys, and everything between.  You can find his work on Facebook @BryanHaynesArt.  Bryan leads most of the Paint & Sips and is a master at guiding participants through each painting.  

Roxanna spent six years on the Lassen County Arts Council Board of Directors and currently teaches at Lassen Community College.  


Artist Showplace

Bottle & Brush Art Bar is committed to representing regional artists. Bryan often faced the challenge of having limited places to show his artwork in town and he looks forward to selling artwork from the many talented artists in the area.   

​Bryan and Roxanna support the California Arts Council (CAC) and their local partner, Lassen County Arts Council, specifically in their mission to support local artists.

According to the CAC, "artists are integral to healthy communities and the arts are a societal cornerstone that brings people together, builds community, and fosters social progress."           

Join us in our support for local artists the next time you need a special, one-of-a-kind gift!

Our Vison

"Social" Art

Bottle & Brush Art Bar was born out of the idea that we could create a space for people to participate in art while socializing with friends old and new.  We wanted to make art accessible and fun, while also promoting arts as a vibrant component of our community.  

The aim of the Art Bar is to give customers an extraordinary experience through friendly staff and talented artists.